Whenever anyone decides to spend the weekend with families the amusement park become one of their best option to choose most of the time. Now there are lots of amusement parks has already been there to let people enjoy their weekend more pleasantly. Along with the chilling, the giant rides of the park also leave thrilling experiences for the visitors.

Here are some of the most thrilling amusement parks present around the world that left people with nothing but an unforgettable experience:

Cedar Point: It’s one of the world’s second-oldest amusement parks which have also won the Golden ticket award for being the best. Look at its PICTURE; you definitely wanna be there at least once.

Busch Garden: This Park has been counted as having some of the best-rated thrilling rides in the world. Along with the gigantic roller coaster, the park also includes thrilling water rides which can get you Goosebumps!!

Parc Asterix: The amusement park having an excellent roller coaster located outside of Paris. Its clever design may get excited for experiencing the real adventure.

Six Flag Magic Mountain: So what do you get from the name? Trekking on the mountain!! Nope, it’s amusement parks, which actually spot the highest ranking in the world for itself. The park includes the tallest vertical spinning coaster that gives you a skydiving experience. Look at the mesmerizing image, it will definitely don’t let you keep your eye away

Everland: Located in the Korean province featured 40 thrilling rides, captures a unique place in the world. The Park is a lot more than just a park as it got featured with an African Safari Zoo, Water parks (indoor & outdoor), and much more attractions.

Universal Island of Adventure: A fiction world with the wizarding world of Harry Potter, water rides 3-D adventures, and a lot more.

Walt Disney World: This children’s amusement part is obviously famous through its name…Nothing can get compare with this one. Don’t miss out on the enjoyment!

Hersheypark: This amusement park boasts plenty of chilling rides and Water Park. Just have a look!

Europa –Park: This theme park is featured with various breathtaking adventurous rides, attractions, various sports circuses, and a lot more.

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