There are many cultures around the globe that signifies the existence of the country. These colorful cultures deliver a message to the entire globe as well as attracts lots of people. Right from the celebration of a festival or to adopting various customs in their living there are many cultures which are being adopted by other countries around the globe.

There are many countries with amazing cultures around the globe. Among all the countries Japan is one of the developed economies in the world. From technologies to science & research Japan has left the footprints of success in all the allied fields, but what makes Japan different from others in the crowd is the culture. The beautiful culture of Japan teaches lots of lessons as well as it also guides you to live your life with peace and happiness.

The philosophies, cultures, traditions of Japan teach a lot of things that can be easily learned in India.

Some cultures of Japan which can be easily learned are mentioned below:

(1.) Showing Respect is part of every interaction

Bowing is a part of Japanese culture. In the world’s most developed country people always make an effort to show respect to each other every time. Whenever they met each other bowing is something that takes place throughout the entire conversation. Bowing has become a common part of everyone’s life in such a way that you even end up bowing when you are talking on the phone. Showing respect to someone is something that we need to learn in Indian culture.

(2.) Seated Showers

Generally, people take shower in a standing position but there’s a good system in the Japanese culture we need to learn. According to the Japanese culture taking shower in a sitting position helps to preserve one’s energy. It is known as ritual bathing which is good for health. There are various places in Japan where there are public hot springs. There are dozens of seated showers and fresh hot spring pools of different temperatures and mineral compositions. There are regular scrub-downs and fresh hot spring water giving soft skin to the Japanese people. A regular hot spring bath will give you smooth skin and good hair.

(3.) Remove Shoes Before Entering

Removing shoes is a part of Japanese culture. Especially before entering into the interiors of a place the floors are covered with woven straw mats These woven straw mats are known as tatami. Entering with shoes will damage these mats easily. People in Japan love to eat sitting on these woven straw mats. They sleep on futons as a result the floors need to maintain hygiene.

(4.) Cover Extra Mile

If you travel to Japan and unfortunately you lost your way, there’s nothing to get worried. The Japanese people will go the extra mile for you if you ask them for the right way to reach your destination. In fact, they will drop you to the destination so that you don’t have to travel much. They will help you to reach your destination on time.

(5.) Maintain Cleanliness in the community

The people from Japan are really obsessed with maintaining cleanliness in their community. The kids in Japan are taught and trained about the importance of maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings. Even the small localities in Japan have maintained the highest level of hygiene. If you travel to Japan you will not find garbage anywhere. The cities in Japan are unbelievably clean.

(6.) Diet

The Japanese diet is without dieting. In Japan, people love a bowl of rice with fermented natto (known as soybeans in India) mixed with grated long tororo. Natto is consumed in japan since centuries. This is the main reason behind the long lives of the people in Japan.

Apart from this the people of Japan also loves young barley grass powder known as aojiru. It can be easily stirred into milk (cow or soy), water, or mixed into a smoothie. This is responsible for smooth skin and thick hair. Miso soup is eaten by many every morning. This is very helpful in fighting the damaging effects of radiation.

(7.) Need to Learn Some Important Words

In Japanese culture people always respect each other. But if you are planning to go to Japan there are certain words you need to learn so that communication becomes easy for you. You need to identify some words in the Japanese language so that you can easily understand them.

Some commonly used words are mentioned below: –

Thank you (Arigatou)- Everyone in Japan says thank you for even the simplest things, and that’s the reason that brings a real difference. These qualities make the culture of Japan different from the rest of the world.

Sorry (Gomen nasai)- People who are not aware of Japanese culture may feel that the people of Japan apologise too much but this is the ultimate beauty of Japan. The people in Japan are very conscious about the selection of their words. They are really attentive towards their words and actions.

It’s OK (Daijobu desu)- As people apologize you for silly things, so the people of Japan never forget to say “its ok” everything.

(8.) Never bother for what they can’t Control

There is a commonly used Japanese phrase “Sho ga nai.”. The literal meaning of this phrase is don’t worry about what you can’t control. The people in Japan love to live in the present. They also maintain a positive attitude towards life.

They always focus on things that they can control and this is the main reason they stay happy in their life.

(9.) Spending time with Family

The new year is one of the most important days in Japan. People in Japan celebrate the new year with their family members. The people in Japan give importance to their family.

(10.) Look for reasons to celebrate

Japan is a country known for celebrating every culture. During summer season almost every community no matter big or small celebrates Matsuri festival with food, music, vendors, and dancing.

The Final Thoughts

Japan is a developed country in the world. With beautiful culture and amazing food, it has got lots of things to teach to the Indian culture. The people from around the globe can learn lots of things from Japan and make their life beautiful.

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