Everyone expects something special on their vacations. No matter where you go, either it is wildlife, or you are planning to explore the sandy beaches with marine creatures. There are many exotic locations, but Punta Cana is one of the most talked destinations in the world. Situated on the shore of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it is a perfect place to explore beautiful creatures. This is the perfect meeting place for the people who are coming to Punta Cana to spend their vacations.

Punta Cana is a resort town situated in the eastern republic of the Dominican Republic. What makes the place beautiful is the island and resort with the incredible beauty of the tropical beach, which makes them even more special for the vacationers. It is a resort town covered with impressive scenery and blue ocean along with an amazing marine life.

The Countdown for Vacation Begins

Every year there are numerous tourists who plan their vacation to the resort town Punta Cana. But before you pack your bags and start heading toward the destinations it is important to know about the place you are travelling as well as the list of items you are carrying in your backpack.

The first thing that every tourist thinks about is the weather conditions before travelling to the tourist’s destinations. It all depends on the month you are planning your vacations.

The below-mentioned calendar will help you to plan your vacations smartly without any hassle.

Winter – December, January, and February

In the month of Christmas, the temperature is around 28 degree. This is pleasant weather to travel and completely far from hurricane season. The tourists can expect sunshine in the month of January and February. It is an ideal weather condition for the tourists to explore the natural beauty of the island.

Spring – March, April and May

The weather conditions in the Dominican Republic do not vary much throughout the year. The mercury goes up to a few degrees in the spring season. The average temperature until April is 31 degrees. The hurricane begins in the month of May. It is a wise decision to keep an eye on the weather conditions. The weather comes to normal until August.

Summer – June, July, and August

For the tourist and explorers, these months are one of the finest months of the year to travel to Punta Cana. On average, the temperature of the sea is around 32 degrees. The tourist can love swimming, sailing and all other types of water adventure sports. Be cautious in the summer season as you can suffer sunburn if you are in the sun for a longer time.

Autumn – September, October, and November

As the end of the year is approaching, the weather still remains hot and the average temperature is around 28 degrees. From the month of October, the temperatures start cooling down by a slight margin. The temperatures remain consistent till December. The intensity of the sunshine gets weaker by the last month of the year.

The tourists need to be careful while planning a tour to Punta Cana as the month of September and October are peak times for hurricane seasons. Be extra cautious while planning your itinerary because the heavy downpour and hurricane can ruin your vacations.

After getting a clear view of the weather conditions it is very important to know what to pack for the vacations. A light backpack will be easy to carry as well as you can enjoy the unmatched beauty of Punta Cana.

Below mentioned is the list of 17 accessories that will prove quite helpful for you while you are packing your backpacks for an exotic vacation.

(1.) A gorgeous pair of dresses

As you are traveling to the world’s most exotic destinations you need to have a gorgeous pair of dresses. Keep the dress exclusively for a candlelight dinner or for a romantic date with your partner. The dress is suited for Dominican nights because it’s lightweight. Breezy, and suits all body types.

(2.) Footwear Water shoes for Men and Women

The tourists love adventure sports so they can try their hands-on kayaking, bodyboarding, or any of the aquatic sports in Punta Cana. During adventure sports, it is highly advised to protect your feet with a pair of rubber shoes. The rubber shoes will provide some friction and stability especially when you are sailing and wakeboarding.

(3.) A Sand Free Beach Blanket

You can feel sleepy on the seashore and you plan to take a nap under the blue sky. The blanket is made with materials that ensure the sand is easily wiped out as you get up. It allows you to take a short nap on the beach.

(4.) Activated Charcoal

As you are traveling to a different place a hygienic food and water is of prime importance. Although the food and cuisines are quite mouth-watering as a result your body may get exposed to germs through food and water. Prevent discomfort and potential food poisoning with the help of activated charcoals tablets which will absorb or expel the unwanted impurities to keep your body healthy during vacations.

(5.) Handheld Electric Fan

While traveling during the summer season it is the best option to carry a handheld electric fan. The electric fan will instantly keep you cool in the hot climatic conditions of Punta Cana.

(6.) A Quick Dry Towel

A quick-dry towel is the most important item to pack while you are traveling to Punta Cana. A quick-dry towel dries quickly just after when you use it on the beach. It is best for tourist who wants to avoid the towels being provided at the resort or in case if it doesn’t meet your cleanliness standards.

(7.) LifeStraw Water Bottle

Be careful while you are taking water as the tap water in Punta Cana is not safe for drinking. Instead of using the plastic bottle opt for the environment-friendly reusable water bottle. The bottle has a built-in filter that ensures clean drinking water. The water bottle makes the water safe for drinking.

(8.) Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A reliable VPN is important for using a net connection during your vacations. While using Wi-Fi at public places like airports, railway stations, hotels, cafes, etc it is important to use a VPN to protect your sensitive information from cyber threats. Using a VPN will help you to keep your personal information safe from unauthorized access. With the help of a VPN, it will help you to access your sites from the home country that may be blocked in the Dominican Republic.

(9.) A Beach Bag

While traveling at the beachside you can travel with a beach bag to carry your personal belongings like sunblock, towels, water bottles, books, and other items. The beach bag comes with an in-built cooler that keeps your snacks and drinks at a perfect temperature for the entire day making it fit for consumption.

(10.) Aloe Vera Gel

As the temperatures are high in the summer seasons aloe vera gel will prove helpful in curing sunburn. The aloe vera gel will help to keep your skin hydrated as well as heal the skin faster. Keep the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator for a soothing effect after sunburn.

(11.) A Lip-stick shaped portable charger

Be ready to capture numerous breath-taking sceneries on your phone and camera. Carry a small portable charger to capture lovely moments in your phone and camera. A portable charger is light in weight and easy to use with any gadget.

(12.) A Set of Packing Cubes

Carry a set of packing cubes to keep your belongings well organized and prevent overpacking. These packing cubes have a space label for each cube’s content on the outside. You never need to dig out the entire suitcase for your personal belongings.

(13.) Swimsuit Coverup

Get a trendy set of swimsuits that goes with your personality. Select a swimsuit that is designed with delicate fabrics along with good stitch quality. It will protect your skin while you step into the water to enjoy aquatic life.

(14.) A Neck Wallet

Keep your belongings safe from pickpocketing in Punta Cana. It is large enough to hold your passport, cash, phone, etc. The neck wallet can be worn discreetly beneath the clothes to keep your belongings safe and well organized.

(15.) Underwater Camera

It is best for you if you love to explore aquatic life in the world’s most exotic destination. Capture the lovely aquatic life with the help of an underwater camera and make your vacations the most lovable vacations of all time. The underwater camera is compact, waterproof, and affordable.

(16.) Waterproof Phone Case

Include a waterproof phone case to protect your iPhone from getting wet while you are having fun with your friends at the beachside. The phone case is awesome because it protects your phone from sand and dust. The tourist can capture lovely moments as well as videos even if they are in the water.

(17.) Travel Insurance

This is the most important part while you are traveling to an international destination. Get insurance for your luggage for peace of mind while traveling. The insurance will cover the cost of stolen items, flight cancellations, and emergency medical expenses.

Don’t Carry these Items to Punta Cana

(1.) Heavy Footwear

Don’t carry heavy footwear unless you are hiking. Make a lighter backpack that will make it easy for you to carry your luggage.

(2.) Dark Colours

Keep light colour fabrics in bright colours. Dark colours in the summer season will give a stylish and cool look to your personality.

(3.) Electric hairstyling tools

Avoid electric hair styling tools as the expensive hair styling tools can get stolen or it can be difficult to carry.

The Final Thoughts

Plan a trip to Punta Cana to create the best memories that you can cherish forever. This is one of the most talked about exotic destinations in the world for travellers who want to make their vacations memorable and experience the unmatched beauty of Punta Cana.

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