In the digitally connected world, the apps have made lives much easier. From ordering your favourite food to booking a cab everything is just a tap away. There are millions of apps available on play store which makes your life easy like never before. With millions of users globally the apps are designed as per the needs of the people.

Assuming you have just decided to live more but still not certain where to start, this app is the ideal departure point to build on. Packed with useful advice, sustainability information and collaboration-focused design, the program stands out from its simplicity and usefulness. There are many apps which can prove useful for you and make your lives easy.

The list of 20 apps mentioned below will help you to make your lives easier.

(1.) My Little Plastic Footprint

While attempting to go plastic neutral might not be feasible, but reducing your plastic footprint is. Especially if you can take pledges, know the impacts of your actions, track your progress and find out how other people around the planet are working towards plastic-free living. Being one of the most popular sustainable lifestyle apps to date, it’s also among the very insightful and useful ones.

(2.) Too Good to go

Restaurants often have leftover foods that they throw off at the end of the day. Users of the Too Good to go are active in collecting food at discount prices all across Europe. Helping to deal with the worldwide food waste obstacle, the app also supplies a gamified way to compete for the greater good. With over 6 million users and 15,000 locations, the program is out to get a global-scale effect. The two Android and iOS versions are easily available.

(3.) Forest app

Occasionally staying focused can do great not only for you but to the entire world too. Rewarding you with virtually planted trees for time off the phone while the program is running, in addition, it allows you to encourage the planting of trees in real life when you collect enough things. Having a premise as simple as this, the app has helped plant over 540,000 trees up to now, with the amount growing when you reload the webpage.

(4.) HowGood

Ever dreamed of an app that can help you to make the right choices? This is one with all the info packed into a visually appealing interface and intuitive frame. Featuring over 250,000 actual food items, the program rates all of these on different aspects of sustainability throughout the whole supply chain, including impacts on the environment from manufacturing, components used, processing and distribution. While the app would benefit from a little more thorough product descriptions, it nonetheless produces a wonderful database for creating an informed and conscious option.

(5.) Bunz

If you want to be a part of the sharing economy, Bunz makes it amazingly easy to do so. This app allows users to exchange their items locally. Let us say you have a couple of items you no longer desire but don’t need anything in return or, perhaps you want something but the other person does not want what you have to trade. To create both situations work easily, Bunz produced a digital currency named BTZ that can be traded for items, or even used in cafes and stores. The good news is that Bunz is branching out and expanding. You are still able to use this app anywhere you are, and it’s a great way to get rid of anything that no longer serves a purpose in your life.

(6.) Olio:

Got some leftovers that you don’t wish to waste? Olio can allow you to talk about them. This free app connects neighbours to share food (and other things) instead of throwing them off. When food goes to a landfill, it wastes the water, labour, shipping, transport, manufacturing and packaging involved with making it. If food waste turned into a nation, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases after the USA and China. Olio can help with that. All you need to do is snap a picture of the food which you want to give away, choose a pickup location, and choose who to share it with. The users can browse the listings and see what others are discussing. If something sticks out, simply send a friend request and pick it up at the agreed-upon location. Olio can even help companies become zero waste: They will be more than happy to come to pick up your excess meals and redistribute it.

(7.) Eco Cred

Worried about your carbon footprint? This app helps produce a personalized carbon footprint for you once you answer a few questions about where and how you live. Many changes can impact your personal footprint, such as your diet, your water and electricity use, and so on. They’ll even share some simple tips and tricks to help you begin on lessening your carbon footprint. You can literally watch your footprint change in real-time as you create positive changes! Then, Eco Cred will connect you to other users making a difference to determine which customs are making the biggest difference. you are able to compete against other members and redeem in-app benefits in the process. Overall, it is an enjoyable, interactive way to decrease your carbon footprint in addition to monitor it.

(8.) Paper Karma

Got irritated with junk mail? Let PaperKarma treat it. This app can help you remove junk mail from your inbox forever. All you need to do is to snap a photograph, press send, and you’ll be unsubscribed. PaperKarma works well on unsubscribing you from most publications, catalogues, credit card offers and yellow pages you’re going to get in the mail. Coupons from local grocery stores or the local pizza series may a bit tricky to unsubscribe you from, however, PaperKarma can do their best. The cool part is that when PaperKarma cannot contact the business mechanically, they’ll still locate their contact information in case you would like to contact them.

PaperKarma can help prevent you from receiving junk mail from associations, catalogues, charities, coupon offers, credit offers, direct marketers, insurance offers, local mailers, magazine, and national mailers. It won’t, however, stop mail you actually want — so there is no reason to worry. Once you submit a petition, PaperKarma procedures it within 24 hours. It takes 8 to 12 weeks to eliminate the unwanted mail completely stop. This app can greatly help you lower the total amount of paper waste in your own life, and it’ll save trees.

(9.) Offtime

This app is designed both for Android and iOS users. Once after downloading the app, it will block all the apps that distract you. The apps like Facebook, games and filtering communications. It records the information on how much you use your smartphone. The app is designed with various modes like Work, Family, or Me Time to ensure that you have access to the things you need, but aren’t distracted by what you don’t. The frequency of using phone and app usage can be an important wake-up call and can help you curb your habits.

(10.) Doctor on Demand

This app is quite useful for users who are suffering from any type of health issues for a long time. The app connects you with lots of experienced doctors from all fields. The doctors onboard will examine your symptoms, medical history, and prescribe you the best medication. The users can get the best treatment from the comfort of your home.

(11.) Talkspace

This app is best for users who are suffering from any type of mental illness like anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorder. This app is best for people who want to see the therapists but they don’t have the energy to do so. The therapists will give you the best suggestions in an affordable way.

(12.) Yoga Wake Up

This app is quite good for fitness enthusiasts. There are many users who find it difficult to wake up early in the morning with an alarm clock. This app guides you with the help of audio-only yoga and meditation that the users can do while under the covers. The users will be guided through 10 minutes of yoga sessions with soothing music making the whole process much easier.

(13.) Flipboard

This app is best for people who wants to have a mini magazine with them. Users can choose topics like politics, sports, technology, world news, dogs, etc. This app will help you to stay updated with all the news updates from around the globe.

(14.) Keeper Security

Many times, the users reset their password in case if they forget the login credentials. The login credentials are very sensitive so they need to be stored at a secured place. This app stores all your passwords and login credentials in a secure digital vault which can be easily accessed via phone, computer and tablet etc.

(15.) Wave

It is quite challenging to find a friend of yours in a crowded bar. This app enables you to share your location on a private map for a limited period of time. You can easily spot your friends in a sea of people as well as you can give directions and keep chatting until one arrives safely.

(16.) Barkly Pets

This app is designed for pet lovers. This app is designed for those who are busy and can’t take their pets out for a walk. The app is available on-demand that helps you to connect with vetted and trained dog walkers. The users can create a task list for walkers as well as track online activity when your pets are out for a walk.

(17.) Quizlet

This app is best for students as this allows you to prepare notes while studying for the exam. It is also helpful for those who want to boost up their vocabulary. The users can easily create their flashcards as per their subjects and requirements.

(18.) Recruit

This app is designed for professionals who are looking for a job. This app will help you to connect with the employers directly who are looking for professionals as per the criteria. This app completely eliminates the need for third-party agencies or any middleman.

(19.) 24me

This is a personal assistant helping the users to keep your life in order. This app will arrange the to-do lists on day to day basis. This app is quite for the people who want to have a personal assistant.

(20.) Runtastic

It may be tuff to start running for the first time. This app is designed for users who are willing to keep track records of their workouts. This app also offers a feature allowing you to chat with your friends along the way. The app will offer golden words of encouragement to the users during the first mile.

The Final Thoughts

The apps have become a part of everyone’s life. With numerous apps being launched on an everyday basis the users can choose any one of these apps mentioned above and make their lives better and easier.

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