Home is the first school for every child. A home is a place where your child learns to take the right steps for the future. As parents are the first teacher for your child it is the sole responsibility of parents to teach your child the right attitude and manners so that they can grow up with strong moral values.

A child with good manners and decency will not only stand out in today’s world but they will achieve success in life. Good manners will help your child take the right path in life as well as enhance their personality. Every parent aspires to have a polite child with good manners. It’s the child behaviour that reflects the personality of the parents.

Before you decide to teach good manners to your child it is very important to understand the child’s psychology. Good manners are the foundation for a happy and healthy life. Apart from this good manner are necessary for people to live together in this world. Gracious manners reflect a loving and considerate personality.

What are the Good Manners Parents Should Teach Their Kids?

As you child start growing it is the responsibility of parents to start teaching their kids about good manners.

There are some good manners parents should teach their kids. Some of them are listed below: –

(1.) Learn to give respect

Either you believe it or not, parents should start teaching their kids good manners right from birth. The roots of good manners lie in giving respect to everyone your child meets. Giving respect to everyone is one of the finest qualities that parents can teach their child in their growing age. With constant practice, your child will naturally develop these qualities and become respectful to every person they met in their life.

Apart from this your child will carer for everyone’s feelings. With time he/she will naturally become a well-mannered person. The politeness will be more creative and more heartfelt than anything he could have learned from a book of etiquettes.

(2.) Teach polite words to your kids

As your kids learn to speak take your kids training to the next level by teaching them a set of polite words often used in conversation like please, thank you, welcome, sorry etc. Although in the beginning, your kids might feel confused about using the right word, with practice, they will identify the right words to be used in the right place.

By doing so you have at least planted a set of social vocabulary in your kid’s mind. Before the child uses them, they can listen to these words from their parents along with their facial expressions. Let your kids remember these words before they understand their meaning.

(3.) Take your child in a public place

Kids have got the high capability to grasp the things in a faster way. Once you train your kids some good manners now this is the time to teach your kids to implement those good manners. The best way to teach them is to take them to your children out to fine dining restaurants, public libraries, shopping malls, and other places where they can practice what they’ve learned at home.

(4.) Ask before you take

Generally, the kids forget to ask before taking anything. Parents need to pay attention to this habit. This is absolutely a good habit when your kids ask before taking anything. This is a very small thing which makes a big difference as well as it will enhance your child’s personality and help them make different impressions in the crowd.

(5.) Teach them basic table manners

Generally, your kids learn to eat by age of 3. They eat with the help of fork and spoon. Teach them to stay seated on the table for 15-20 minutes and wipe their mouth with a napkin. To encourage this offer a small amount of food to your children and keep encouraging them for good habits.

(6.) No interruption while speaking

This is a basic mannerism even adults need to learn. Many times, while sitting with a group of people we interrupt in the middle of the conversation. This is really a bad habit which creates a bad impression of yours among the people. Teach your kids to be a good listener before they speak anything. It is very important to be a good listener than to be a good speaker. Interrupting someone in the middle of a conversation shows that you are disrespecting the person. Wait for your turn to speak and express yourself in a smart way. It’s an etiquette which takes quite a long time but gradually with practise, your kids can command this habit.

(7.) Teach your child to understand feelings

Teach your child to be generous and kind enough to understand everyone’s feeling. Your kids need to respect everyone’s feeling. Concentrate on child behaviour and promise them some accolades on good behaviour. Train your child in a way that their behaviour brings a smile on everyone’s face. This type of praise will always encourage your child to repeat the right behaviour every time.

(8.) Do not touch the things until asked

Often it happens when your child goes somewhere, they touch the things without asking. This is a manner in which parents need to take care of. No matter where ever your child goes with you teach them not to touch the things without asking. Many times, it happens that your child touches an object and it is damaged. So, it is better to teach your child not to touch anything.

(9.) Teach your child to accept compliments

Whenever your child gets compliments for good work. Teach them to say thank you and accept the compliments with grace. The compliments will help your child develop a positive attitude and enhance their personality with time. Giving compliments encourages your child to keep on practising good habits.

(10.) Learn to stay calm

Teach your child to stay calm and maintain patience level no matter how bad the situation is. Patience is an art which you should teach to your child. This will help you design your child’s personality in future. Patience will teach your child to stay positive in every negative situation. Patience can give you lots of things in life.

(11.) Always address your child with, please

Your child learns what they see and hear from their parents. Parents need to practice good manners, in the beginning, to encourage their child to do the same. Whenever you ask your child to do a piece of work address them with please. Your child will catch the things as they have a good grasping capacity. It is natural that your child will repeat the things

(12.) Sharing is Caring

Often kids are very possessive about their belongings. Being possessive is not bad but it is not good if it exceeds a certain limit. Teach your child to have a caring nature for everyone. For ex, if your child is eating something teach your child to share it with everyone. In the present time, every parent needs to teach their child this good manner. When your child shares something with anyone it shows your child is not having a selfish nature and he/she cares for everyone.

(13.) Learn to Accept Defeat

Many times, it happens your child gets disheartened after losing a game. Life is a game so teach your child to play it wisely. Encourage your child to never ever give up no matter how hard the situation is. A well-mannered child with a capability to accept failures in life will not only make him/her a winner but teach them to accept failures in life.

(14.) Teach your child to learn from mistakes

Whenever your child commits a mistake teach them to learn from mistakes and accept it gracefully. Mistakes are the stepping stones for writing a success story. The day your child learns to accept mistakes that day your child will be completely from others in terms of success. Never teach your child to be egoistic or carry a grudge inside. Teach them to live in present and enjoy life to the fullest.

The Final Thoughts

Your child will grow up the way you train your child. Right from birth, it is extremely important to make the right track for your child and nourish him/her with a base of good manners. A well-mannered child will not only grow up to be successful in life but also make his/her life beautiful.

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