The year 2020 has proved to be the most challenging and a difficult year in the history of mankind. The global pandemic has created a havoc around the globe and delivered a clear message to stay at home. Every sector has got effected with the outbreak of global pandemic.

With the outbreak of pandemic, the education sector too has got effected. From schools to colleges and universities the students are suffering a lot in their studies as well as the pandemic has forced everyone to change the way of learning over the traditional methods.

The pandemic around the globe has completely changed the methods of learning for the students around the globe. An online mode of learning has proved to be the best option for the people who want to keep learning as well as keep enhancing their skills in this difficult time.

Online learning continues to be on the rise in the past few years, and it is really not difficult to see why. On one hand, eLearning classes are now hugely popular by the easy virtue of being much more convenient than traditional classes.

Learning online will be engaging for students with multimedia study material and learning at whatever time is most convenient to them. The coolest part is that they don’t need to travel anywhere to research, they can simply log into the digital campus in the comfort of their home or workplace.

There’s another reason online learning has become so popular: it’s cheaper. The price can frequently be a prohibitive factor in why individual students don’t enrol in courses they are considering. For organizations who want to encourage their employees to undergo additional training online courses are available on much smaller budgets.

Here are five reasons why online learning can be more powerful than traditional mode of learning: –

(1.) Students Grab more as compared to classroom

Research shows that participants learn five times more in online learning courses using multimedia content as compared to traditional modes of learning. Students get complete flexibility to gain control over their learning pace. They are able to move faster through modules of the course they are comfortable with.

(2.) Retention rates are higher with online learning

Many offline courses struggle to retain students throughout the program. But in the case of e-Learning online courses have increased student retention rates from anything from 25% to 60%.

(3.) Requires less Time and Investment

A majority of students cancel their enrolments due to lack of time and finance. As compared to traditional modes of learning it requires 40-60% less employee in the case of online modes of learning. Additionally, it is crucial to note that eLearning options normally allow pupils to divide the time they are investing in the path in whatever way works for them. They do not need to dedicate massive chunks of time into the course: it will get the job done equally as well when they could set aside half an hour out of their lunch break each day.

(4.) More frequent evaluations may reduce distractions

One of the wonderful things about online classes is that evaluation can be a continuing procedure. This is good news for students as interspersing multimedia articles and learning materials with routine tests can enhance student participation. Actually, study from Harvard showed that utilizing these short, routine tests halved student diversion, tripled note-taking and pupils’ overall retention of the content improved.

(5.) E-Learning is a more economical option

Online learning is certainly the best option for students, but it’s also better for your environment. The online courses equate to an average of 90% less energy and 85 per cent fewer CO2 emissions per student as compared to traditional classes.

This certainly makes online learning and multimedia content a more effective method for fast and easy learning. Promoting and engaging in this sort of learning can help individuals do their bit for the environment as well as stick to their personal goals. E-Learning courses utilise high-quality multimedia content to increase student’s interaction.

With powerful reasons mentioned above, there are 8 tips mentioned below that shows how to study online by maintaining good consistency: –

(1.) Set a clear goal on an everyday basis

Be clear about what you hope to accomplish in your course every day. A goal can help you stay motivated and beat procrastination. Keep your goal specific and easy to measure, such as “I’ll watch all the videos in Module 2 and complete the first programming assignment.” Give a treat to yourself while progress in every module.

(2.) Have a dedicated space for study

It’s easier to recall if you’re in the same place where you started your first lesson, so have a dedicated space at home to take online courses making it more effective. Get rid of distractions from the space, and if possible, make it separate from your bedroom or sofa. A clear distinction between where you study and where you take breaks can help you focus and learn at a faster pace.

(3.) Schedule your time as per the calendar

Choose a date from the calendar with a reliable time that you can dedicate to watch lectures and completing assignments. This will ensure that courses won’t become the last thing on your to-do list.

(4.) Keep yourself accountable

Share details about the courses with your friends you’re taking, post achievements to your social media accounts, or blog about your homework assignments. Having a community and support network of friends and family to cheer you on makes a difference in your learning style.

(5.) Take notes from online classes

Taking notes promote active thinking, boost comprehension, and extend your attention span. Notes help you to channelize your knowledge in the right direction. A notebook will be helpful in case if you want to recall the lessons from any modules you have completed. Make key points to start synthesizing key points.

(6.) Be Active in discussion

Forums are the best place to ask questions about assignments, discuss topics, share resources, and make friends. According to research, it shows that learners participating in the forums are 37% more likely to complete a course with good knowledge as well as has good skills.

(7.) Avoid Multitasking

Focus on one task at a time. Being multitasker will affect your works performance and it will be difficult for you to get desired results. Being focussed will actually help you to absorb more information and complete assignments with greater productivity and ease than if you were trying to do many things at once.

(8.) Take short breaks at regular intervals

While learning gives a small rest to your brains to maintain high performance as well as promote critical thinking. If you get stuck anywhere take a short break to detach yourself and think for an alternative solution on how to tackle the problem. Go for walk, take a shower, or talking with your friend can re-energize you and even give you new ideas on how to tackle that project.

(9.) Keep Revising the previous lessons

To remember the lessons, it is very important to revise the modules before you start the next module. Create your own keynotes and quiz on the key concepts for online courses. Making a study groups will offer you an alternative view of difficult concepts, to achieve better results, and help in completing your online assignments more quickly by reviewing what you have learned. Share your notes with your virtual classmates and support each other throughout the online learning process.

(10.) Be positive

A positive attitude yields positive results. Focus on learning and maintain a positive attitude for better results. Decorate your study space with inspirational quotes. Never forget the objective behind why you took this online course. Accept that you will have productive and less productive days. Have healthy snacks nearby to boost your energy. Throw a treat every time you complete a challenging task. Make sure that you take some time for yourself from time to time. Stay positive and keep your chin up.

The Final Thoughts

The global pandemic around the globe has given a new ray of hope for learning. Apart from this the online mode of earning has increased the horizons of knowledge up to a new level. The online mode of learning has brought the students from around the globe on a single platform. The online mode of learning helps to save lots of time, money, energy and resources.

In the coming time, the online mode of learning will be the best option for all the prestigious institutions. The light of knowledge being shared online will illuminate the entire globe with the lights of knowledge and take humanity on the right path. Learning has now become complete fun for the students as well as for professionals who want to have a bright future.

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