No matter how many trips you have taken while you were single, there is something unique and memorable about traveling with someone you love. Not only can you finally stretch your legs and rest your head on the flight, but you have a partner in adventure to explore the place of your dreams, and the loveliest part is you can finally put that “do not disturb” sign while you are having some cozy time with your partner.

Usually, couples love to explore every corner of the planet with colored glasses. Still, there are specific destinations in the world that can lead them to romance with breathtaking sights and incredible beauty. Right from exploring the unmatched beauty of the beaches to going on a safari, it is pretty romantic to explore the place that twinkles under the glow of the sky and stars.

Whether you are celebrating your birthday, valentine’s week or you are on your honeymoon, plan your trip with the below-mentioned eight most romantic places in the world where romance and love are in the air.

(1.) Paris, France

A romantic gateway is always incomplete without singing the praise of the City of Lights. Being the capital of France, there’s a reason that many couples want to feel the ambiance and energy of this Parisian destination.

When you wander about this European city, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by idyllic coffee shops, picture-perfect cobblestone streets, and the scent of mouth-watering cuisines perfuming the air.

You can spend your days exploring iconic love-drenched landmarks—from the infamous Eiffel Tower to the Pont Des Arts bridge outside Notre Dame. There’s nothing to worry about where to stay. The place offers luxurious and sophisticated resorts on the planet that are waiting for you to give you the best and most memorable tour experiences.

If you happen to visit in spring, consider renting bikes as your mode of transportation within the city or in the winter season; plan your tour through museums featuring the classic and modern theme of the historical civilization.

(2.) Venice, Italy

Venice- A city situated on the water has a lot to offer to the couples exploring the incredible beauty of Venice for the first time. Venice presents an entirely new experience for the well-versed traveler as it is the capital of the Veneto region, comprising 100 tiny islands. As you stroll hand-in-hand and explore the Italian culture, you’ll witness the exceptional beauty of the Renaissance era, as well as Gothic landmarks.

Please make your way through St. Mark’s Square, where local vendors display their handmade crafts. Scale to the top of the Campanile Bell Tower, offering an exotic view of the entire city.

(3.) Santorini, Greece

It is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations on the planet and one of the most beautiful Greek Islands. There’s only one reason why newlyweds prefer Santorini is its geographical location on the Aegean Sea; the place offers colorful sunsets like beautiful pink, orange, and golden in the Oia town. There are several boutiques, restaurants, and resorts built on the jagged cliff sides, giving couples to spend some quality time with each other.

Couples can catch a glimpse of the iconic white skyline while walking. It’s also recommended to rent a carabi, Thailand r for your trip, or you can hire a taxi service. Many couples prefer to explore the island independently, giving them the ability to stop for a photoshoot and collect lovely memories to cherish forever.

(4.) Krabi, Thailand

Want to feel the beauty of sand and the blue ocean? Pack your bags and get ready to witness the unbelievable shades of blue water along with the low cost of mouth-watering cuisines. The couples can see a perfect combination of flavourful food and dreamy beaches, along with jet-setters to visit the beach resorts of Thailand.

Krabi is among the most romantic destinations that will make you feel disconnected from a noisy and crowded world.

Located in the southern area of the country’s west coast, the mangroves, limestone formations, boulders, and many other works of wonder from mother nature make the place the most beautiful place on the planet.

Couples can book a long-tail boat to enjoy Railay beach or go snorkeling to explore the colorful creatures of the sea. For a comfortable and cozy stay, couples can look for five-star resorts giving you a sea-view, most of which come complete with beach access and a private pool for lounging.

(5.) Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

If you two like to explore the wildlife, then the wildlife reserve is best for couples who want to get a step closer to nature and explore the hidden beauty with some of the world’s rarest species. Going on a safari in South Africa is one of those in the wish list items that every couple dream of. There’s no better person to share the immense wonder of the African bush with your better half.

Couples can drive through legendary Kruger National Park, which is the most romantic option to stay at the exemplary Sabi Sands game lodge. Luxury resorts offer different couple experiences you could have never imagined.

As you wake up, you can witness warm sunshine along with the views of giraffes and zebras at a watering hole and ending up your day with an evening drive spot at Big 5. While you head back to your resorts or hotel room, you can cuddle in awe of the cascade of stars and constellations that shine above you and marvel at the universe that brought you together.

(6.) The Berkshires, New England, USA

Couples looking forward to spending their first weekend can go for a long weekend adventure located on the East Coast. The Berkshires is an ideal romantic destination for every couple as the place offers various perks in all seasons. Still, most partners choose Autumn or early winter for their escape.

During this time, the mountains of Western Massachusetts offer breathtaking scenery as the leaves shade their annual color show, dazzled with hues of vibrant red, warm oranges, and magical yellows.

Renting a car to admire nature is the best which every couple will love. Stay at your bed to enjoy your breakfast and end your nights wrapped in the warmth of love. If you happen to visit during summer, you can enjoy freshly prepared seafood dishes or go for a ride on the lakes that speckle the area with its natural beauty.

(7.) The Maldives

If you and your better half want to get away from the city’s noise and want to enjoy a peaceful ambiance, then it’s time to head towards the Maldives. Situated in the remote chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, it’s a one-stop destination to take your love story to the next level.

Every resort in the Maldives offers extravagant services and amenities that can make you feel like staying at your home. While you are ready to venture out, it’s high time to visit the Maldives to witness the incredible beauty of sand and sea.

The Maldives is a place that can give you soulful sweet memories and a picture-perfect honeymoon destination. The destination in the Indian Ocean offers a unique landscape, with 26 circular micro islands woven one after another.

Most couples prefer to stay in world-famous bungalows with expansive balconies and transparent floors, allowing the sea to illuminate your room. Apart from impressive and beautiful beaches the couples can enjoy thrilling snorkelling along with coral reefs and enjoy sea life of every shape and size.

Couples can enjoy experiencing local culture as part of their adventure; consider spending a day in the capital of Male, where you can watch a local fish market and plan to buy some artisan goods on the main streets of Majeedhee Magu.

(8.) Maui, Hawaii, USA

For US citizens, you need a passport to explore this romantic hub, but you might feel as if you have come to another country where you get a glimpse of the genuinely remarkable beauty of Hawaii.

There are dozens of islands to explore the hidden beauty right from Oahu to Kauai. Apart from this, some ultra-luxurious resorts, along with the varied landscape of the Hawaiian island, set it apart from the rest of its neighbors.

Couples can long drive to enjoy picturesque Hana Highway and explore the Haleakala National Park, including the volcano it’s named after. And since most romantic vacations require a beach day, there are 30 miles of sand to shop on. Take a good sleep under the dazzling stars and constellations that brightens the sky.

Final Take Away

The romantic places mentioned above are places that make your journey memorable and add a new chapter of memories that you will always cherish throughout your life. Plan your trip to these destinations to explore the most beautiful world that’s waiting for you to make your relationship healthy and strong like never before.

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