The modes of entertainment have changed with time. After movies and videos, playing games are one of the best means of refreshments and recreation. With technology on the rise, there are many types of games for people of every group. Right from simulation to racing and board games, the games help you to remain active as well as sharpen your mental skills.

There are many types of games designed for die-hard gamers. The games like racing, war-related games have created a lot of fan base in the market. But do you know there are some games which helps your brain to grow and sharpen your analytical skills?

Best Games for your Brain to Grow

People stuck to their phones for most of the time. No matter either you use an iPhone or Android phone these games help you to grow mentally as well as increase your intelligent quotient.

The games mentioned below are the best for everyone to grow and enjoy at the same time.

(1.) Lumosity

This is a popular game among game enthusiasts. This game is designed to improve the user’s memory, increase the problem-solving capability, attention span, as well as critical thinking. The game is designed with three sessions. The game challenges the player by changing the time. The gamers need to complete the game against the time. The game is designed with free trail and it charges 15$ per month for the full version.

(2.) Fit Brains Trainer

The game is designed to increase your brain capability. It is a training app with 10 sets of games. The game is designed to work on the different areas of the brain. It also helps to improve memory and concentration. A task is assigned for each category on a daily basis. The app will track the development of the task with a colour coded graph. This app is free to play and download.

(3.) Elevate

This app is designed for iOS and Android platform. It is a personal trainer for your brain. This app was selected by Apple as the App of the year. This app uses AI to design customized brain workouts based on the interaction with the app. The more you use the more app gets friendly with you. The app will determine your goal and the app will create a personalized set of exercise for you. The app will assign you short and enjoyable games to improve your memory focus, reading comprehension, writing and many more. The users can easily track their daily progress.

The app is free to use as well as there are options for paid versions.

(4.) CogniFit Brain Fitness

The game is developed by a team of neuroscientists. This is a fun app which helps to improve the person’s cognitive abilities, which includes memory and concentration. The users can easily track progress over a period of time. Users can challenge their friends. The app can be easily modified as per the difficulty level. It gives suitable recommendations based on the results.

The gamers can spend 20-30 minutes every week to get an improvement of the user. The first four games are free and then the user will have to pay 13$ per month.

(5.) Happify

Staying happy is very important. Can your smartphone make you happy? Well, this app is trying to make you happy. This app was developed by one of the leading scientists, and experts in fields of psychology, mindfulness and behavioural therapy. The app is developed in such a way that it will bring a positive change in your life.

The users can keep the track record of the emotions you are going through. This app will help you to get rid of negative emotions. This app is absolutely free with an option to purchase the app.

(6.) ReliefLink

In the initial stage, this app was designed to prevent suicide. This is a great app meant for tracking the mood of the user by taking measures of all the things relevant to the user mental health. Whenever the user experiences high emotional stress this app helps you to cope up with the situation with the help of voice recorded mindfulness relaxation music. The app will inform you about the nearest medical facilities for mental health.

(7.) Eidetic

It is a memory enhancement app with a spaced repetition technique to help the users to memorize information such as important phone numbers, credit card details, or passwords. It will notify you when it’s time to test your memory and retain the information in the long run.

The Final Thoughts

The gaming apps mentioned above will help you to sharpen your mind as well as improve memory and concentration. There are many people who suffer stress and depression but these useful apps will make you mentally strong to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


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