Apple’s iOS has come a long way since its humble beginnings as iPhoneOS, and all of the finest iPhone models have expanded on the operating system’s initial promise. Steve Jobs proved the iPhone’s power with a massive on-stage Starbucks order in 2007, and the platform has grown yearly, with each update adding features. After the first iteration of the iPhone, multitasking, the alert and Regulate Center, and the App Store were all added. However, the rapid pace of development can make it difficult to keep up with new features.

Following are hidden tricks that most people don’t use:

To select the text, use a cursor:

Texting has become a lifestyle, but it is still surprisingly inconvenient, even in the best circumstances. This tip is for people, who have added an errand word by autocorrect and not noticed it until a few hundred words were written more.

  • Place your finger or finger at the bottom of the screen, beneath the Keyboard.
  • This will turn the Keyboard into a touchpad until users raise one’s finger or thumb.

Make text snippets: 

Text snippets are great shortcut keys for copying in pre-registered phrases. For instance, if you’re communicating with a client, such as through iMessage, you might want to send a pre-written response. In addition, you can use text replacement to create a wall of text posted anytime you type a word.

  • Open the setting, go for the General option, and then look for Keyboard.
  • Select Text Replacement to generate new replacements and the words that will trigger them.

Turn on the scientific calculator:

The iPad lacks a calculator. However, the iPhone does. The problem is that outside of addition, simple arithmetic, multiplication, and division can feel a little limiting until you seek a practical viewpoint.

The scientific calculator is activated by turning one’s iPhone to the side while the calculator app is open. This includes brackets, real numbers, cos/sin/tan alternatives, and the ever-useful command, among other things.

Enable an extra button:

The iPhone’s back tap button, while destined as ease of access feature, is useful for power users looking for extra information for their devices.

  • Navigate to Settings, after which Accessibility, and finally, Touch.
  • When you choose Back Tap, you will be presented with many options.

Use the Burst Mode on your camera:

Your iPhone’s camera is more than anyone can desire for, but there’s one feature you may have overlooked: Burst Mode. Burst mode, even as the name implies, captures a sequence of sharp images in a single press, allowing your iPhone to capture a sequence of action shots.

It’s ideal for animals and hyperactive toddlers, allowing you to go back and select the best photos after the event. It’s also simple to get to. When you’re in the Camera app, slide the Shutter to the left, the only one you use to snap photographs.

Scan documents with a camera:

The camera on your iPhone can function as a very efficient document scanner. Still, while Live Text allows you to extract information from images, it is possible to digitize an entire document. You might not have noticed how to because it’s buried inside the Notes app.

  • To scan documents, open Notes, then swipe the camera icon.
  • The highlighted document will get saved automatically. You can also take a scan manually by pressing the shutter button.

As a notification, use your camera’s flash:

One more camera trick which is little tricky. You can set your iPhone’s camera flash to off when user receive messages, supplying a more visual indication somebody is calling or sending messages.

  • Navigate to Settings, after which Accessibility.
  • Then LED light will flash for an alert where you will get the option in the Audio/Visual section.

Use a gesture to connect to Wi-Fi networks:

Previously, if you wanted to integrate into a new Wi-Fi system, you had to open the Settings screen and scroll via your Wi-Fi priorities to find the network. But fortunately, you could do so with just a few gestures from the Control Center. 

To locate open Wi-Fi connections without opening the Settings app:

  • Scroll down from the upper-right corner.
  • Hold down the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Pressing and holding the Wi-Fi icon once more. This time, you’ll see a list of possible networks.

Browse faster in Safari:

The further you get your web browser, just like your computer, the quicker it will become over time. However, you can clear this same cache and delete saved data to make things run faster. In the case of one’s iPhone, Safari is the default browser. 

To clear this same cache in Safari, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Clear Track record and Web Data in Safari.
  • Tap Clear Record and Information to confirm.

iPhone and iOS are packed with useful features. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to learn about everything known about them, but hopefully, after reading this piece, you’ve picked up a few cool new iPhone tricks.

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