No matter where you stay in the world, there’s probably an exciting and haunted place, house, hotel, or old historical site that you might have encountered.

Not only are there plenty of places to send a chill up your spine, but there are many mysteries around. Some places are surrounded by mysteries, leaving behind a thrill and numerous paranormal moments for people. These places are from the 12th to 20th century, each with a spine-chilling history — with plenty of ghost sightings and creepy experiences.

The below-mentioned places are the most haunted and mysterious in the world: –

(1.) Château de Brissac, Maine-et-Loire, France

This is the highest castle in France, Known as the “Giant of the Loire Valley,” with seven floors, 204 rooms, and numerous portrait galleries, along with a private opera house with a seating capacity of 200 people. It’s a fortress built by the Counts of Anjou in the 11th Century and King Louis XIII in 1620.

La Dame Verte (Green Lady), who was the illegitimate child of King Charles VII, was murdered by her husband in the château in the 15th century after he caught her having an affair with someone else. She is often seen in the tower room wearing a green dress, with gaping holes where her eyes and nose should be.

(2.) Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia

Monte Cristo Homestead is one of the most haunted mansions situated in the New South Wales of Australia. The mansion is quite popular as one of the most haunted places in the world because of the haunted stories associated with Mrs. Crawley.

The owner never came out of the house for 23 years after her husband died. After her death, it is believed that her body-less phantom has been haunting the room. People have witnessed her body-less ghost in the window, strange voices, flickering lights, and the floating ghost in the corridor. Reports of accidents and murders in the mansion have also been recorded in the past.

(3.) Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

The fort city was constructed in the 17th century; it consists of walls, markets, royal palaces, numerous temples, with three grand storeys you can explore. But do not be fooled by the beauty of these ruins, as they are ranked as the most haunted forts of India.

“Singhia” A wizard and a princess named Ratnavati spurned his advances to make the princess fall in love with Ratnavati. There was an enchanted oil by a wizard that he hoped would make her love him turned into a boulder when she threw it away – and it crushed him. He cursed the palace, condemning the inhabitants to die without any hope of rebirth. Another story suggests that a local ascetic cursed a fort because its shadow overpowered his property. This is why if anyone attempts to build a roof for the fort, it will collapse automatically.

(4.) Myrtles Plantation, USA

In the small town of St. Francisville, in the northwest of New Orleans, is the mansion of Myrtles Plantation. The mansion is made with a 125-foot veranda fitted with a stained-glass front door that leads into a grand foyer displaying a huge French crystal chandelier.

It is said that ten people were murdered in the mansion. Since then, there have been many paranormal ghost sightings in the mansion. The most famous is Chloe, who had her ear cut off by her lover. The ghost wears a green turban, peering intently at visitors while they’re in bed, and has even appeared in a photograph.

Apart from this, it shows another young girl, known as ‘Ghost Girl’ peeping through the house’s windows. More spine-chilling sight shows a child bouncing on the beds, a soldier, a voodoo priestess, and the ghost of a previous owner who was shot in the chest has been heard climbing up the stairs where he died.

(5.) Dragsholm Slot, Denmark

Dragsholm Slot, also known as Dragsholm Castle, was constructed in the year 1215. It is one of the oldest castles in Denmark and is reported to be one of the most haunted castles in all of Europe. During the 16th and 17th century some parts of the castle were used to house prisoners of noble or ecclesiastical rank, and in 1694 it was reconstructed in a Baroque style.

The castle is a home for 100 ghosts, including the Earl of Bothwell, Mary Queen of Scotts, who died as a prisoner in the castle. You will spot a lady in white wandering in the halls, whose skeleton was found encased in a wall by builders in 1930.

In the present time, the castle has been transformed into a lavish hotel with comfortable rooms and a Michelin-rated restaurant serving locally sourced food. The hotel offers tours explaining the history of the building, but for a terrifying experience, the tourist can book a ghost tour, including a two-night stay; the tour highlights the spooky occupants and dinner at the gourmet restaurant.

(6.) Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

It was built in 1145; the inn was used by priests who kept slaves and workers to help build St. Mary’s Church. It is located in Wotton-under-edge, it is situated on two ley lines, places believed to have spiritual energy from Stonehenge.

It is believed that the redirecting of water on the Ancient Ram property caused a portal for dark energy to open up, meaning many ghosts haunt the inn. A ‘Witch’s Room’ haunted by a woman burnt at stake in the 1500s as she was accused of being a witch.

A priestess has been spotted sitting on a bed, a centurion on horseback has been seen walking through the walls of the inn, the agonizing screams of a girl heard, and a monk of the haunted room is said to slip into the beds of visitors.

(7.) Good Hope Castle, Cape Town, South Africa

The castle was built in the 17th century by the renowned Dutch East India Company. The Castle of Good Hope in South Africa’s one of the oldest buildings. In 1915 a ghost was spotted when the shadow of a gentleman was seen jumping off the side of one of the castle walls and then walking between the bastions Leerdam and Oranje.

Another paranormal incident reported the ghost of a famous lady in grey. She keeps running through the castle, holding her face and crying but has not been seen since a woman’s body was found during excavations.

Other horrifying events include the bell in the tower ringing of its own and the ghost of a black dog pouncing on unsuspecting visitors, which then vanishes into thin air.

(8.) Carl Beck House, Ontario, Canada

Canadian lumber magnate Carl Beck constructed this house. After his wife died, his eldest daughter Mary took over the entire responsibility of the house. Despite raising her younger siblings, she was left with only a single dollar in her father’s will. The rest of the estate was divided amongst the siblings who she raised.

The guests staying at Carl Beck House have seen a man in a formal suit being chased by a very angry woman wearing a dark-colored blouse and skirt. It’s still a mystery who they are?

(9.) Chaonei Church, Beijing, China

Chaonei 81, also known as Chaonei Church, was constructed in 1910, not as a church but as a school for North China Union Language. The students were taught Mandarin Chinese to missionaries from the West. A chilling tale about Chaonei Church’s origins suggests that it was a home for the Chinese National Party in the year 1949.

You can come across the government official’s mistress, who killed herself after the breakup, or a group of three drunk construction workers who broke into the building and were never seen again. The strangest part is the house’s temperature, which is colder than the rest of Beijing, even during the summer season.

(10.) Kellie’s Castle, Batu Gajah, Malaysia

This is an unfinished mansion, built in a Moorish revival and Indo-Saracenic style. It was started by a Scottish planter named William Kellie-Smith. It was constructed as a gift to his wife, but sadly he died of pneumonia in Lisbon, Portugal, where he visited to purchase a lift for the property.

Photographers are quite fond of the place for its nature and wildlife. They have claimed to see ghostly figures standing by the window frames.

(11.) Casa de la Poesía, Bogotá, Colombia

It is located in the Candelaria neighbourhood of Bogotá, Casa de la Poesia was the home of the great Modernist poet José Asunción Silva. He was quite morbid and lived through several personal tragedies, including the death of his beloved sister, Elvira. He lost his finest works -like manuscripts – during a shipwreck. The tourists can hear the poet muttering under his breath from other rooms.

The Final Thoughts

The places mentioned above have got lots of mysteries and stories associated with them. Despite being the most haunted places, these places attract lots of tourists who have the guts to visit these places to unfold the mysteries behind and feel the thrill at the same time.

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